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Open APIs in the Telecoms IndustryContents



About this research

We began the work by asking the question, what types of data do telecom companies hold?

To answer this, we interviewed five people working in the telecom sectors in the UK and France including mobile and fixed line.

We also studied the legislation that requires telecoms companies to retain certain information.

From these conversations, we had a working idea of the data held about people that could potentially be made available through open APIs.

Next we wanted to understand some follow up questions:

To answer these questions, we tested prototypes with ten people over two rounds of research. We showed the work and listened to reactions from diverse groups from the UK, France and further afield. There was a wide variation in attitudes to privacy as well as confidence with technology.

The prototypes were iterated based on feedback from the research sessions with the final versions being the ones presented in this report.

Throughout the project we came across a lot of previous work in the area. Here are a few articles and organizations that contributed to our thinking: